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March 17 2017

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March 16 2017

swiggityswagdad: 12,400 stitches, 14 colors. I didn’t think I’d...
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Remember when that cop pepper-sprayed students in 2011? UC Davis paid $175K to scrub it from the internet’s memory https://t.co/5prbgrx1WL

— Xeni (@Xeni) April 14, 2016

Nice try fuckers.

$175K wasted with every reblog.

Let’s sure they DON’T get their money’s worth.

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March 15 2017

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March 14 2017

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March 13 2017

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Conservatives are black-hearted, shitty people. #FOX

Are they not aware that 1- refrigerators are almost always supplied by a landlord, even in the lowest income houses, 2- You can get a working microwave for like $50 (cheaper if you get it used, saw one just the other day at Salvation Army for like $10), 3- Coffeemakers are literally like $15 at Walmart. The level of cluelessness upper class poor-hating Republicans have is appalling. 

even if they were expensive they are BASICS. Conservatives really want poor people to perform poverty and live in squalor.

i literally bought two of these things for a college dorm under $30 do these people actually know anything

You can see some of the problem right in the title: “Definition of poor families not what it used to be.” So you know all those advancements we’ve had in society for the past, I don’t know, 100 years? Not for poor people.

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